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Ekey Fingerprint Reader Flush Mount

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New fingerprints are captured and processed via the ekey home finger scanner. When registering a new user, the distinctive features are captured and converted into a binary code. This process is irreversible, i.e. the original fingerprint image cannot be reconstructed from the converted data. If a finger is subsequently swiped over the sensor, the captured information will be compared with the originally stored templates. Only on a positive match, the door will open. In the ekey home system, new fingerprints are enrolled directly on the finger scanner at the door.

The ekey home FS WM 2.0 is a 2nd generation biometric sensor terminal which records fingerprints via an RF line sensor manufactured by Authentec. The finger scanner has been conceived specifically for a stationary mounting onto unmovable parts such as walls and may be used outdoors in exposed areas.

The Control Panel
On the ekey home control panel, the relay outputs are located which are used to control electromechanical locks, garage doors or intrusion systems. As a result, it is to be mounted in a secure area (e.g. indoor). The ekey home control panel is also used for the system administration: New users can be added, existing ones deleted by a few clicks. For that purpose, it is equipped with a display and several push buttons.

Unlock a door using just your finger with the eKey Home Surface Fingerprint Scanner System with 1-Relay (Wall Mount). Designed for residential use, this complete biometric access control system eliminates the need for house keys, access cards, or passcodes. Just swipe your finger at the scanner and watch your door unlock automatically!
  • Weatherproof scanner for indoor/outdoor use
  • Positive scan activates device connected to relay
  • Angled scanner protrudes out from wall
  • Stores up to 99 fingerprint templates
  • No computer programming required
  • 2 part system for added security. Computer control box remains on the inside - only the reader goes outside.
  • Relay Switching Capacity: 250VAC/5A resistive Or 30VDC/5A
  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited against product failure and manufacturing defects

    Scanner Characteristics
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR): 1.0 x 10-7
  • False Rejection Rate (FRR): 1.5 x 10-2
  • Sensor Technology: Radio Frequency (RF) sensor (AuthenTec's)
  • User Management/Programming: Via control unit
  • Security: Managed through encrypted and bounded RS485 bus with control unit. No direct access is possible
  • Operating Mode: Standalone; no computer needed
  • Capacity: 99 fingerprint templates
  • Recognition Speed: 1 to 4 seconds
  • Type of Memory: Flash, non-volatile (fingerprint templates are retained after power failure)
  • Color: Silver-metallic
  • Software Update: Operating software can be updated via USB service adapter
  • Scanner Usage: Fingerprint scanning for enrollment and access

    The Fingerprint Scanner System is easy for anyone to use, including small children. The scanner has a finger-sized indent to indicate the ideal finger placement. Simply place your finger flat at the top of the scanner, and swipe from top to bottom with medium pressure. Even if your hands are dirty, the scanner will still recognize your fingerprint.

    How It Works
    The included control panel mounts on your wall indoors and features one relay output, which can control an electromechanical lock, garage door, security system, or other device. Upon making a positive fingerprint match, the fingerprint scanner signals the control panel to activate the relay.

    When you first set up the system, you will register your fingerprint directly through the scanner. Any of your six bigger fingers (no thumbs or pinkies) can be enrolled into the fingerprint scanner. Fingerprints are scanned and converted into binary code templates. When you later swipe your finger to request access, the scanner will compare your finger to the stored template. If it's a positive match, a green LED lights up and access is granted.

    System administration is performed at the control panel, which is protected by a passcode. By pressing a few buttons, you can easily add or delete users and select output relays.

    Integra vs. Surface Fingerprint Scanner
    The included Surface Fingerprint Scanner mounts on a wall and protrudes outward, providing an angled scan. It must be installed at least 53 inches off the ground. You can opt for the Integra Fingerprint Scanner (sold separately) instead for a model that flush-mounts to a wall or door, providing a scanner that sits flat against the wall. This model must be installed at least 62 inches off the ground, 9 inches higher than the Surface model.

    Kit Includes:
  • eKey Home Surface Control Unit
  • eKey Home Surface Fingerprint Scanner
  • Power Adapter
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Assembly Instructions

    NOTE: To have a complete system you will need an external locking device (i.e. electric strike or magnetic lock, sold separately) to unlock a door. Please call us if you need more help with this. We sell many types of locking devices.

    Since 2005, eKeyUSA has been designing and manufacturing biometric access systems that offer superior reliability and ease of use, as well as aesthetic charm. The company's fingerprint scanning systems give residential and commercial customers alike the opportunity to leap into the future of access control. Turn your finger into a key with eKey!

    Dimensions: 7-1/16(W) x 4-5/16(H) x 1-5/8(D) inches (180 x 110 x 41 mm)

    Why would you need three relays?
    You can Control 3 different locks or one lock and a garage door and burglar alarm panel with 3 of your fingers. Each finger can control a different item!

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