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CodeLocks Pushbutton Electronic Lock

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 Stainless steel
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The CodeLocks lock is a heavy duty electronic pushbutton lock with lever handles for use in high traffic situations. The lever handles allow it to be used as the primary lock on most doors, while various functions provide for control of the door in a variety of ways. The levers are in compliance with safety and public access requirements.

These locks are battery powered

Tough enough to control heavily accessed doors in a variety of ways for industrial plants, access gates, hospitals, colleges and universities, commercial offices, local or federal government organizations, or other heavy duty commercial and multi tenant residential facilities.

The Piezo actuator, used for the first time in a stand alone electronic lock, provides a battery life of over 500,000 operations (approximately ten times more than a typical electronic push button lock that uses a solenoid or motor drive actuator).

The Code Lock has the following available features:

  • A simple and cost effective access solution
  • 500,000 Operations from 4 x AA cells, batteries included
  • Easy installation and programming
  • 90 different user codes of 4, 5, or 6 digits long
  • Reliable - Solid state Piezo technology
  • Durable - Tested to over 1,000,000 cycles
  • Weather resistant Physical Vapour Deposition finish
  • Remote push button and Emergency Alarm release connections
  • Two types of passage function (code free opening)mechanical and electronic. Electronic passage can be maintained for months!
  • Easy to change handing
  • Comes with heavy duty grade one latch
  • Comes with free back up key and cylinder for key bypass (Schlage 6 pin C keyway)
  • 2 3/4 inch backset

  • Special Remote release Feature
    The lock has 2 sets of terminals for remote release, labelled REM 1 and REM 2 on the printed circuit board in the front housing. Cables are provided with the lock for these connections.

    REM 1 is intended for use where there is a need to allow a visitor to open the door after having been identified by intercom or by sight from within. REM 1 would be connected to a push button on a reception desk, or to the appropriate button on an intercom. Pushing the button would cause the Blue LED to light and would release the lock for the normal set time.

    REM 2 is intended for use where there is a need for the door to be released by an alarm system, such as a fire alarm. This enables emergency personnel to rapidly check that no one is trapped/overlooked in classrooms, wards, guest rooms, etc during an emergency evacuation, or during a fire drill. When activated by an alarm REM 2 will maintain the unlocked condition for 30 minutes. During this time the red LED will flash once every second and sound an audible alarm to indicate the unlocked condition. The lock will automatically revert to normal after 30 minutes. If required Program 11 can be used to revert the lock to normal before the 30 minute period has finished.

    Please note that the above features requires that a wire be pulled from the lock through the door to the hinge side. This may not always be an easy thing to do depending on the door and your drilling ability.

  • Codelock Replacement Latches For 400/500 Series LocksCodelock Replacement Latches For 400/500 Series LocksThis latch is made by Codelocks will replace the heavy duty latch on all the 400, 500 mechanical and electronic series lever latch type locks. Please call us before ordering if your not sure which lock you have.

    Codelock Replacement Latches For 400/500 Series Locks
    3535 $69.00The Keyless Store's price: $35.00Please choose backsetClick for backset diagram
     2 3/4 inch heavy heavy duty - 70 mm
     2 3/8 inch heavy heavy duty - 60 mm

    Template In The PDF Format
    Programming Guide In The PDF Format

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