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CypherLock Continental Instruments Military Type CodeTronic System Model S100/A6

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All the features of the Model S Cypher Lock plus Hostage Alarm, Error Alarm, Door Alarm Bypass Shunt and Emergency Battery Standby (24VDC). Input panel with Visitors Announce (annunciator) feature included.

CYPHER LOCK is an Extra heavy duty electronic push-button Access Control system that permits entry only to those who know its correct 4-digit code. This is the same system that has been very popular with goverment agencies and the military for many years. Often it was sold under the Sargent & Greenleaf brand. There are no keys to issue; no cards to buy and replace. You program the entry code in just seconds and inform only authorized personnel of the combination. And you can change the code as often as you wish.

Model S100/A6
Every CYPHER® LOCK system includes a push-button panel and a logic controller that will activate electric door strikes, electrified dead bolt locks, automatic door openers, parking gates; in fact, nearly any electronic door lock. Plus it offers electronic safety and back-up features that make it far more intelligent than a conventional lock and key. Comes with it's own 12vdc power supply that is also used to power the electric strike. No additional power supply is needed to power the electric strike. Can be used with electric strikes that are 24 volts either dc. Note that the electric strike is sold separately .

  • Adjustable "door open" time.
  • Adjustable "wrong code penalty time out.
  • Error alarm to expose guessers.
  • Request to exit terminals to unlock from inside (receptionist).
  • Can power directly electric strikes

    Is the Cypherlock really a lock?

    The Cypherlock is actually a heavy duty 2 part keypad system. It is not a lock. The Cypherlock name is the registered name for this product. An electric strike or a similar type of electronic lock such as the Brute lock must be added to the Cypherlock system to create a complete locking system. From our experience, the Brute lock is the most commonly used locking device used with the Cypherlock. Please note that the Cypherlock models we advertise and usually keep in stock are the most popular models but there are many configurations that we can special order for you. Usually there is a several week lead time for some options.

    Outside keypad: 3 1/2 inches high x 5 1/8 inches wide x 2 9/16 inches deep
    Inside control box: 10 1 1/16 inches high x 5 3/16 inches wide x 6 inches deep

    On the job around the world CYPHER® LOCK has a proven track record as the most reliable tool for maintaining round-the-clock entrance control without inconveniencing the traffic flow of authorized personnel. It's in use today around the world in tens of thousands of locations where control of access is essential:

    Computer Rooms • R & D Laboratories • Embassies • FAA control towers • Storage areas for controlled substances, weapons, etc. • Corporate Offices • Financial Institutions • Control for exterior doors, interior doors, parking areas, etc.

    The Cypher Lock system exceeds the Dept. Of Defense (DOD) Industrial security manual par 36B federal stock number (Model S) FSN 5640-957-4190 Federal supply code for manufacturers (model S) FSCM 51677 national stock number NSN 6350-00957-4190

    Easy to use and hard to fool even where traffic flow is heavy, CYPHER® LOCK is so simple to use that authorized personnel are not inconvenienced. To gain access, you just enter the memorized 4-digit code in CYPHER® LOCK ís push-button panel. The panel is wall mounted outside the secured area near the door, and wired to the controller, which is conveniently located within the secured area. Only when the correct 4-digit sequence is entered will the controller release the door strike. To admit a visitor, Code Bypass capability enables personnel to unlock the door from a location inside the secured area without entering a code in the push button panel.

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