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Dortronics Emergency Pull Stations

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The 6510 Series of Emergency Pull Stations provide conspicuous signaling or release in case of an emergency. These easy to operate, stations require a single pull action to actuate.

Dual relay outputs are available to redundantly cut power to the electro-magnetic lock while simultaneously signaling an access control system to unlock the door. The relay outputs will open upon sensing motion or in the event of loss of power to the detector, providing failsafe operation.

The 6510 series is available in yellow, blue, and black, and is provided with customized logo's and messages for special applications.

Ideal for use in Hospitals, Industrial complexes, Office buildings, Schools, and Institutions. The wide variety of colors and text make these units suitable for any Natural Disaster, Hazmat incident, or Medical Emergencies. Deters unauthorized access, (i.e.) smoking in stairwells, nuisance access to fire escapes. Easy mounting & wiring Two mounting screws included are all that's needed to surface mount the 6510. Mounts to a standard single gang electrical box. Factory back boxes are also available for interior surface mounting (sheet metal) or die-cast metal back box with gasket for weather proof applications. Wiring is connected to two screw terminals on the back of the unit.

Key Reset Following actuation the pull station is reset with the key (1 supplied per unit). A new scored acrylic break rod is installed (1 supplied per Unit) and the 6510 is restored and ready for the next emergency.

Mounting Mounting is with 2 screws provided Mounts to Standard Single Gang Box

Reset Operation: Once station is pulled reset by inserting and turning key which opens cover. Insert Replacement Break Rod Flip "PULL" handle back into position Close cover & lock with key

UL and CUL (Canada) pending Certified by UL for Compliance with A.D.A

Model # 6510-S15 Single Switch SPDT Model # 6510-S35 Dual Switch SPDT Switch Rating: 1 AMP, @ 30VDC Supplied with " 1 Breakrod, 1 Key, 2 Mounting Screws


Optional Piezo sounders and weatherproof surface mounting back boxes are also available. To order see the options at the right in the box and also below. Other options are also possible such as custom labeling. Please call for pricing.

Dortronics Emergency Pull Station Plexi Covers (Not Including Pull Station)Dortronics Emergency Pull Station Plexi Covers (Not Including Pull Station)Piezo Deters Unauthorized Door Release This unique device will deter unauthorized door opennings without restricting emergency egress when used with the 6510/xx-S35 Emergency Pull Station. The 6510/COV/S cover with Piezo sounder can also stop false alarms through its pre-alarm local sounder action. When the clear plastic cover is lifted to gain access to the pull handle for door release, it sounds a piercing 95 dB or 105 dB warning horn. Immediate attention is drawn to the area and a prankster will either run or be caught. Ideal for installation in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, stores, hotels and public buildings of almost every kind. Heavy Duty Construction The 6510/COV/S or /SR Anti-tamper Alarm Cover consists of a clear, tamperproof, super tough polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over the 6510/-S35 Emergency Pull Station. The cover is connected to the frame by a cable. When the cover is lifted, it hangs off of the frame and the horn will sound until the cover is snapped back onto the frame. Battery or On-line Low Voltage Power The 6510/COV/S or /SR can operate independently from a standard 9-volt battery or a 9to24 VDC power supply

Emergency Pull Station Operation When the 6510/-S35 pull station handle is activated, lock power is cut from the door lock through a SPDT switch. A second independent set of SPDT contacts is also simultaneously switched to allow communication with an alarm moinitoring system such as a card access system. (6510/-S35 Pull stations are not included with 6510/COV series covers; order separately)

Alarm Interface
The 6510/COV/SR includes a relay with SPDT contacts which is energized whenever the cover sounder is activated. This output can be used to alert other remote systems. When used with the 6510/xx-S35xCS, the on-board SPDT relay in the 6510/COV/SR can be used to activate the optional built-in sounder of the pull station. This will cause both sounders to activate while the cover is lifted. If the pull handle is operated, the optional pull station sounder will continue to sound, even if the plastic cover is closed.

Electrical (6510/COV/S or /SR)
Standard power source is 9 VDC alkaline battery. Unit can also be powered from a remote 9 through 24 VDC power source (such as maglock power). /S & /SR Sounder
Field selectable 90 db or 105 db horn at one foot
/SR Alarm Relay Option Includes alarm relay output with contacts rated 1 amp @ 30 VAC/VDC Plexiglass Cover Polycarbonate tested for -40 F to 120 F Clear cover UV-stablized

UL/cUL Listed No. S2466
Factory Mutual No. OG6A2.AY
State of California
New York City Board of Standards
No. 947-81-SA
ADA Compliant (UL Certified No. S2466

Dortronics Emergency Pull Station Plexi Covers (Not Including Pull Station)
1473-C$119.00Please choose type : 
 Only cover
 Cover with piezo sounder Add $140
 Cover with anti-tamper and piezo sounder and spdt relay Add $160
Pack Of 12 Extra Break Rods For Emergency Pull Station

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