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Keedex High Definition Scope Viewer

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Introducing the new USB High Def Safe Scope Viewer.

Keedex has done it again. Our last Scope Viewer took the industry by surprise by using a combination of a boroscope along with an attachable digital camera to bring safe opening and service to the 21st century. Now we have taken it one step further by introducing a high definition version with it's own adjustable light source.

  • High Definition 720P
  • Easy plug in to USB
  • 4 ounces (less cord) - even lighter than a traditional light source
  • Easy focus ring with a "focus lock"
  • NEW added - Light Source Intensity Adjustment Wheel
  • 20,000 candelas LED light

    * You must have a fast enough processor, I3 or better and a software package to allow HD viewing.

    No software is provided with the USB-SV. In order to use this product you first must install compatible software onto your computer. The free software we suggest you download is called “WinAVI Video Capture“ You can Goggle it or go to: This free software will allows full screen viewing and you can create videos. For a more robust program that will allow you to zoom the program we suggest is actually an astronomical software called AstroCapture. Its’ System Requirements are minimal and will work with Win2000. XP, Vista, W7:

    The user manual requires a Yahoo Login wxAstroCapture setup 1.8-1exe If you are looking for mirror imaging as well as the zoom function a program available for about $34.95 YouCam-5 (Standard Version) A free trial of YouCam-5 is available Be sure to check the requirements of your computer, this is a memory intensive program: System Requirements Operating System * Windows 7, Vista and XP (with DirectX 9 or above) Internet Connection

    * An internet connection is required for live chatting and upload/download feature CPU * Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or above Note: YouCam 5 is also optimized for 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors. Capture Device * Web camera (built-in or external USB) Memory * 512 MB (1 GB recommended) Hard Disk Space * 1 GB VGA Card * Intel 945 (Independent graphics card recommended) Supported Instant Messaging Software * Windows Live Messenger * Skype * Yahoo Messenger * AOL Instant Messenger Formats supported * Video: WMV and AVI * Photo: JPEG, BMP, PNG Language Support * English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (European), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean If you are going to use this Scope Viewer with a Mac please e-mail or call us for a Mac software suggestions. In order to correct mirror images using YouCam 5 you must first turn the Scope Viewer upside down (So set screw on the bottom) and then using the software, flip image horizontally. SCOPE INSTALLATION The Scope Viewer attaches to many common bore scopes, the eyepiece of the scope needs to be no smaller than 1” and no larger than 1 1/4”.The USB-SV fits Super Scope, Power Views, Hawkeys’s and Olympus Scopes purchased after January 1998. The nylon set screw turn piece not only tightens to the scope but also is an indicator as to the top of your photo capture. The USB-SV Scope Viewer is adjusted for non-focusable bore scopes but if you need to adjust the focus… simply by turning left to right depending on what is required. Typically only one rotation Refer to the video posted on our website: or it is also posted on YouTube (search Keedex Scope Viewer) Come to for additional periodic updates and sign up for our Newsletter which will keep you informed on all Keedex products

    Please note that this product can not be returned. Of course defective items will be replaced.

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