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Door Phone Intercom System

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Answer The Door From Any Phone - even cordless!

When a visitor pushes the door button, all the phones in the home ring. The resident knows it's an intercom call because of the built in distictive ring. The unit has call waiting to prevent missed calls. This system can also be connected so that doors or gates open when the resident pushes the telephone Star ( * ) button. The basic system comes in two parts. The outside door box and the interior unit that installs where the phone line enters your home. You can add another door box to another door (see below). Look at the new brass outdoor unit. It's really beautful. To enable your telephone to also open an electric strike you'll need to add an additional module (see below). (This does not include the electric strike).

Its easy to install. The Door Fon plugs directly into an outlet, The two wire design allows easy retrofits using existing doorchime wire. For new construction, it make more sense to install than a simple chime.

There have been a lot of questions about this product so the following FAQ should help:

  • Can a second exterior door be added to the system?
    Yes - Just add an optional door speaker.

  • How do I answer the door or gate?
    Simply pick up your phone. You will be automatically connected with the door station. Even if you have 2 door stations connected, just pick up the phone, the controller will deignate which door the ring is coming from.

  • What if I pick up the phone after the phone stops ringing and hear a dial tone?
    The doorbell fon will ring your phone 3 times if you are unable to get to the phone in time and when you pick up and hear a dial tone, just press the flash button on your phone, this will connect you to the door station that was pressed.

  • How can I switch between 2 different door stations?
    If you have 2 door stations connected to the Doorbell fon controller you can switch between them simply by pressing the flash button on your phone. Both stations will give a different ring tone to let you know which door the visitor is at.

  • Will the Doorbell fon work for me with my phone?
    Doorbell Fon will work with your regular home telephone, single or 2 line, PBX or key system.

  • What if I'm on a phone call and someone then comes to my door?
    The Doorbell fon will operate the same way as call waiting does on your phone. If you are on a call you will hear a call waiting tone to let you know a visitor is at your door. To answer the door simply press the flash button on your phone. To go back tou your call after you answer the door, once again press the flash button and you will return to the outside line.

  • How will this affect my answering machine?
    The Doorbell fon can be connected to an answering machine to answer or greet visitors at your door. You will need to set the machine to answer on 2 rings to let visitors leave a message from the door station. If you do not want your answering machine to greet your door visitors then set your machine to 4 rings.

  • Can the Doorbell fon unlock the door as well?
    Yes, with the purchase of the optional door strike controller you can unlock any door or gate with the simple press of the star "*" key. Up to two doors can be unlocked with an optional additional door speaker.

  • How does the unit wire into the phone system?
    Locate where you telephone line (from Telephone Co.) enters the premises. This is where you will connect the (black box). This device needs to be installed in series on you line as the first device, *(if you have an alarm system, then the alarm needs to remain first with the controller following in series). You will need to cut the line that you are putting the controller on. Once cut connect the end coming from outside of the premises to the LINE-IN position. (You may use either the modular jack or screw terminals. Both operate in parallel) Connect the other end of the line to the LINE-OUT position. Now you may mount the controller in a desired location. The controller will need to be installed between where the telephone lines enter the premises and the point of distribution of your telephones.

  • Will VOIP or Cable company provided phone services work with the system?
    Yes - VOIP or cable company provided phone services will work the this system and should be treated like a regular landline (POTS Line) which goes through the systems control box and then to all the phones on the premises.

  • Will my DSL work with this system? Yes but a filter will need to be installed before the system and the voice output of the filter needs to go through the control box and then to all the phones on the premises. The data output from the DSL filter should go to the computer or router directly WITHOUT going through the system control box.

    Wire runs: 350 feet using 18 gauge wire - for longer distance up to 4000 either above ground or below you can use cat5 or cat6 with shield.

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    Outside speaker size:
    5 inches high X 3 3/4 inches wide X 1 1/8 inches deep

    Please note: this model with the plastic white outside speaker box has a flat back so it's easy to mount on any flat surface. The two other models in brass and aluminum have an open back and therefore need to be mounted into either an electrical box or dryway.

  • More Information On The Doorbell Fon In The PDF Format

    Door Phone Chime Option
    Door Phone Chime Option

    Door Phone Chime Option inbound Relay Trigger Controller. Activates a chime, camera, or light when the door box button is pressed.

    The Keyless Store's price: $49.00
    Optional Electric Lock  or Strike Controller
    Optional Electric Lock or Strike Controller

    You'll need this if you want to add an electric strike. Provides a relay output.

    The Keyless Store's price: $79.00
    Door Phone Intercom Add On Option
    Door Phone Intercom Add On Option



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