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Norton Assa Abloy 7100SZ Series SafeZone® Door Closer

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Create a “zone of safety” in your door openings! NORTON SafeZone senses movement through the doorway and holds the door open, offering safe passage. Ideal for educational environments where the continuous flow of traffic through heavy doors results in unnecessary wear and tear. Students, staff and teachers often struggle with getting themselves and their cargo through heavy doors - SafeZone can help by keeping the door safely out of their way until they are clear of the opening. Get them in the zone!

Designed with safety in mind, SafeZone® takes door closers to the next level. SafeZone uses a multi-point, electromechanical closer and a programmable motion sensor. When the door is opened manually, SafeZone senses movement in the door opening and stops the door from closing. When movement is no longer detected, the adjustable setting times out and the door closes.

SafeZone detects movement in both directions, allowing one person or a stream of people to travel through an opening, making it ideal for theaters, hospitals, doctor's offices and elementary schools.

SafeZone Detection: Closer/holders units to have an integral sensor device monitoring a "zone of safety" at the door opening. SafeZone detection prevents the door from closing in the event of movement within the adjustable sensing field. Movement is detectable in both directions with selectable closer hold open time and sensor sensitivity. Mechanical closer to be hydraulic type with full rack and pinion construction enclosed in a cast aluminum alloy shell. Internal hydraulic fluid is to be non-gumming and non-freezing. Include two non-critical valves to independently regulate sweep and latching speeds and an adjustable backcheck cushioning valve. All valves are adjustable by hex key. Provide spring power adjustment permitting a 50% increase in closing power over the minimum closing force for any closer size.

Mounting: Closer units can be surface mounted to the frame face for application on the pull (hinge side) side of door, or soffit mounted on the push side of the door frame with projection of no more than 2-5/8" (67mm) from the frame face. Frame face must be a minimum 2" and ceiling clearance a minimum of 4". Door must be hung on either butt hinges or 3/4" offset pivot hinges, minimum 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" thickness.

Installation: Provide optional handheld remote device for programming SafeZone sensor settings. Auxiliary door stops are recommended at closer/holder openings and required at doors opening beyond 110°. Interior installation only.

Power: Closer units operate on (120VAC, 60Hz) or (24VDC) with an amperage draw not exceeding (.086 Amps for 24VAC/DC) (.051 Amps for 120VAC). Supplier to coordinate electrical requirements with electrical and alarm system engineers. Field wiring (and conduit) by others.

Electromechanical SafeZone Closer/Holder to be Norton® 7100SZ Series.

  • Students, staff and teachers can pass through the opening at their own speed without fear of being struck by the door
  • Extends the life of the opening by limiting unnecessary cycles. Door remains open while a stream of students and staff, or a person with equipment, travel through the opening. Door closes only after motion is no longer detected.
  • Reduces damage to doors and frames caused by carts or equipment. Prevents the door from closing while moving items through the opening.
  • Reduces the likelihood doors will be propped open providing:
    - Energy savings - Fire code compliance - Increased security

  • Multi-point, electromechanical door closer/ holder
  • Sensor detects movement in both directions
  • Selectable hold open time and sensitivity
  • Push or pull side mounting
  • Fail safe operation
  • Certified to meet ANSI/BHMA A156.15
  • Patent Pending innovation
  • ADA compliant models
  • UL and UL10C Compliant

    Suggested Applications:
  • Schools and Universities
  • Cafeterias
  • Gymnasiums
  • Auditoriums
  • Storage and Equipment Rooms
  • Theaters
  • Places of Worship

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