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Securitron Mortise Unlatch (Electric Srtike)

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The smaller picture is of a typical mortise type lock.

In 1999, Securitron revolutionized the Electric Strike industry by introducing the UnLatch. This patented product directly screws into the existing door frame in seconds, with no frame routing needed. The installation is fully concealed for maximum esthetic appeal. The UnLatch supports full dead latch function, releases under pressure and includes a latch status sensing output as a standard feature. But the original UnLatch operated cylindrical/tubular latches only. The all new MUNL Mortise UnLatch extends UnLatch technology to Mortise locks. All the amazing benefits of the original UnLatch are retained and a dramatic new one is added: the Mortise UnLatch includes field adjustability for latch and dead latch positions so that one model works with all North American Mortise Locks*. This eliminates the considerable hassle of matching up the electric strike model with the Mortise Lock type. You only need to determine whether the door has a cylindrical or mortise type lock to pick the perfect UnLatch for the job!

•The Securitron Lifetime Warranty: If any regular Securitron product ever fails they will replace it for free! All you do is send the defective item to them and they will replace it the following day! It's an unconditional warranty from a great company! Click here for more lifetime warranty info

How it works:
A Mortise lock includes a latch and dead latch pin. When the lock is in the closed position, the latch is extended (securing the door) and the dead latch pin is pushed in. This internally pins the latch so that the door can’t be opened by sliding a plastic card in against the latch. The Mortise UnLatch operates the latch and dead latch pin as follows: In the secure condition, the latch is captured in a cavity against the latch plunger while the dead latch pin is pushed in by a flush finger plate. The lock is released in two quick steps. First the finger plate draws back which releases the dead latch pin and then the latch plunger and finger plate move forward together which releases the door. When the door is reclosed, the Mortise UnLatch automatically re-secures it including reestablishing full dead latch security.

Adjustment to any mortise lock:
The chief problem with procuring electric strikes to work with North American Mortise Locks is that there is no standard or commonality among the lock manufacturers as to the vertical position of the latch and dead latch pin in the standard ANSI 4 7/8 door preparation. This means that the electric strike must be specified and purchased individually to suit the particular Lock model on the door. Until the introduction of the Mortise UnLatch! The UnLatch is set by the installer in the field, just prior to installation, to correspond to the Lock model. As the graphic below shows, the latch cavity can be moved anywhere on the UnLatch face with the finger plate occupying the space above and below the latch cavity. The instructions show the correct setting for all North American Mortise Lock models and adjustment is done quickly with a screw driver and allen wrench. Product selection, inventory and service issues are all drastically simplified with the Mortise UnLatch.

Superior :
It’s rare to find a product without weaknesses which satisfies all functions sought in an access control installation but the Mortise UnLatch achieves this. Security concerns are met by the UnLatch’s full use of the dead latch function and by the fact that the latch is surrounded by steel (there is no pivoting keeper) and the frame is not weakened by a side-cut. This yields maximum strength. And the full concealment achieved in an UnLatch installation means a vandal can’t get at it. This leads to unmatched appearance on the door to satisfy the concerns of specifiers and end users as to the esthetic appeal of the finished installation. The UnLatch is simply invisible on the door. System compatibility is optimized by the fact that the UnLatch includes integral SPDT latch status sensing. It reports to the access control or alarm system only when the latch is fully seated. This contrasts with most electric strike installations which make use of separate door contacts to report when the door is closed but not necessarily secure. Integral latch sensing also simplifies the installation and further improves the finished appearance at the door by eliminating the need for magnetic contacts. And installation simplicity is possibly the UnLatch’s most dramatic feature. When the need to rout the door frame is eliminated, time is not only saved but the same skills appropriate for the electronic work of putting in an access control system are fully adequate to install the UnLatch. So a single team of technicians can do all the work. In daily function, the UnLatch also shines. It releases the door even under a pre-load and since there is no keeper to wear out or fail, the UnLatch provides outstanding resistance to abuse and years of trouble free operation. Which is why Securitron is able to cover this product with our amazing MagnaCare lifetime warranty.

Size: Standard ANSI 4 7/8" Strike.
3-5/8" Long, 1-1/4" Wide, 1-7/8" Deep 91 x 32 x 50mm
Voltage: 12 & 24 VDC +20% -10%. Full wave rectified, DC acceptable.
Current Draw: (@ 12VDC) 40mA continuous, minimum 700mA when motor is operating. (@ 24VDC) 40mA continuous, minimum 500mA when motor is operating.
Higher capacity supply (1-4 Amps) is recommended for start-up inrush to achieve best operation under pre-load.
Electric Motor: No Solenoids.
Operating Temperature Range: -20oF to 125oF
Stainless Steel Face with Metal Enclosure.
Supplied with 10 ft. Cable.
Mounting Fasteners Included.
U.S. Patents #5,474,342 and #6,022,056 with other U.S. and international patents pending
Mortise UnLatch operates North American mortise latches, and does not support cylindrical or tubular latches.

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Please note: If you'll be using this strike with a Corbin brand mortise lock please call before ordering.

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