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Dortronics 7101 Delayed Egress Controller

Item #: 3803
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If used with an existing mechanical panic bar and the Dortronics 1107 X EDR Delayed Egress Actuating magnetic lock (see below or above) a safe and legal way to add delayed egress.

Conforms to All Life Safety Codes

The 7101 Delayed Egress System performs functions required by NFPA-101 life safety codes. A complete system requires the EDR System: 101 controller, power supply, lock door position switch and an attempted egress detection device.

Door armed and door unlocked intervals can be scheduled by time of day and by the day of the week. Programmable arm and disarm intervals allow unique week day and weekend schedules or total lock down 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Programmable Clock/Calendar

Built-In Nuisance Delay An audible warning is activated on the EDR System: 101 controller after a three second delay of an exit attempt. If the attempt to exit sensor continues to be active after this nuisance delay period, the irreversible unlocking sequence is started.

Selectable Release Delay The delay, before the doors are unlocked, is programmable for 15 or 30 seconds. Keypad or Key Switch Reset The EDR System: 101 controller can be reset by code from the keypad or optionally from a security key switch. Authorized Access/Escort Egress The escort delay feature allows the disarming and unlocking of the door to allow a single authorized passage. A remote keypad can be used by authorized personnel for after-hours access into the building.

Outstanding Features: •Completely self contained

•Conforms to NFPA 101 code

•Programmable clock/calendar

•System status indicator LEDs

•Anti Tailgate re-locking

•Built in access keypad

•3 second nuisance delay

•15 or 30 second egress delay

Automatic Anti-Tailgate Re-Locking The door status switch monitors door position in both the armed and disarmed states. This allows the immediate re-lock and rearming of the door after an authorized passage during an armed time schedule.

Remote Monitoring and Control Door release and alarm shunt capability from a remote guard station is possible when used with the 7600 Series Annunciator/Controller. Relay outputs are provided for electric locks. auxiliary alarms, and to allow integration with any card access control, CCTV monitoring system, or other security control devices.

Dortronics Outside Weather Resistant Keypad For Egress SystemDortronics Outside Weather Resistant Keypad For Egress SystemThis optional outside keypad comes with a 15 foot connecting cable.

Dortronics Outside Weather Resistant Keypad For Egress System
Dortronics 1107 X EDR Delayed Egress Actuating LockDortronics 1107 X EDR Delayed Egress Actuating LockDelayed Egress Activation: Designed for use with the 7101-P Delayed Egress Panel and a mechanical exit lock (panic lock) the 1107xEDR employs a Microswitch actuator which senses door movement via the spring loaded Armature. The Microswitch sensitivity is field adjustable to accomodate various applications. A concealed Door Position Switch is also included and utilized to report door status for Re-lock and Forced door conditions to the Egress Panel

Reliable & Versatile: This state of the art electromagnetic locking device provides positive, instantaneous door control. Models available for single outswing, inswing, and sliding doors or gates. Filler plates, angle brackets, and other mounting adapters are available to accomodate a wide range of door and frame types and conditions. NFPA Life Safety Compatible: As electromagnetic locking devices function independently of mechanical locks. Magnetic locks are ideal for use with fire and hazard detection systems to provide unobstructed egress and are highly recommended for use on Exit Door Control Systems requiring delayed releasing, per NFPA 101 or BOCA Codes.

Safe Operation: All 1107xEDR electromagnetic locking devices are inherently fail-safe, releasing instantly upon command or loss of power. Both locking and unlocking are accomplished with ease and efficiency.

The well confined magnetic field of these locks allow them to be used in computer rooms and other electronically sensitive areas. The built-in Transient Surge suppresson protects the electro- magnet from noise and voltage spikes.

System Compatibility: Although the1107xEDR Maglocks were designed to work with the Dortronics 7101-P they will work reliably with most Delayed Egress controllers as well as other security alarm and access control systems. Extended Service: The rugged all metal design and durable construction ensures unlimited lock and unlock cycles without electrical fatigue or mechanical breakdown. Our locks are manufactured to the most stringent quality control standards. This allows Dortronics to offer a Lifetime limited warranty on all 1107 Series electromagnetic locks.

Specifications: -1107xEDR - Single Door standard Outswing (600 lbs.) -TJ1107xEDR - Single Inswing Door With Z-Bracket (600 lbs.) -1195-07xEDR Inswing Conversion Kit Physical Size
1107xEDR Housing - 8-1/4” long x 2- 1/4” high x 1-1/4” deep TJ1107xEDR Housing & Angle bracket- 8-1/4” long x 2-1/16” high x 1-1/2” deep

Electrical: -Operating voltage (field selectable) 1107xEDR - 245ma @ 24 VDC 480ma @12 VDC
-Egress Actuator Switch Normally Open rated @ 3 amps @ 30 volts DC Concealed Door Position Switch SPDT rated @ 100 Millamps @ 30 volts DC
Finish: 1107 series locks are encased in a brushed Clear Anodized Aluminum housing Electro-magnet face and armature are Zinc plated for high resistance to rust and corrosion.

Installation: Typically these locks are mounted on outswinging doors using the Header mounting plate accompanying the unit. This mounting plate has elongated slots for ease of alignment and threaded holes for secure attachment of the lock to the plate. An access hole is also provided in the mounting plate to accommodate the power and control wiring to the Delayed Egress control panel. The armature mounting plate attaches to the door surface with hardware included. No through bolting is required.
Gate/Inswing applications: The TJ1107xEDR units are supplied with an angle bracket prepared for attaching to the face of the door frame. Z-bracket and mounting hardware are also furnished for the mounting of the armature plate to the door or gate post. Field convert the 1107 to a TJ1107 with the 1195-07xEDR conversion kit

Dortronics 1107 X EDR Delayed Egress Actuating Lock
3804$698.00Please choose mounting type : 
 Inswing which includes different casing and Z bracket Add $39
Dortronics 12-24 VDC 4 Amp Heavy Duty  Power SupplyDortronics 12-24 VDC 4 Amp Heavy Duty Power SupplyHotChoose either single or 8 output. Field selectable 12 or 24 volt DC output.
Heavy Duty

Dortronics 12-24 VDC 4 Amp Heavy Duty Power Supply
With or without backup battery : 
 Without backup batteries
 With 14 Amp hour battery pack 2 each 7 AH w/hook-up cables - choose this option if you're not sure add $114

Plug in cord? : 
 Don't need - will wire it in
 Yes we need an attached 6 ft long plug in cord - choose this option if you're not sure add $28

Outputs : 
 Single output
 8 output x 12vdc add $95

 Enclosure cover tamper switch add $50

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