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Dortronics 12-24 VDC 4 Amp Power Supply One Or Eight Output

Item #: 1539
Product Rating:
With or without backup battery : 
 Without backup batteries
 With 14 Amp hour battery pack 2 each 7 AH w/hook-up cables - choose this option if you're not sure add $114

Plug in cord? : 
 Don't need - will wire it in
 Yes we need an attached 6 ft long plug in cord - choose this option if you're not sure add $28

Outputs : 
 Single output
 8 output x 12vdc add $95

 Enclosure cover tamper switch add $50
Now available in either single or 8 outputs!

  • 12 or 24 VDC Selectable Output
  • Maximum Output with Full Voltage
  • Total Circuitry Protection
  • System Staus LED Indication
  • Built-in Automatic Battery Charging
  • Remote Reset & Visual Indicators

    Reliable 12 or 24 VDC Output
    This Power Supply provides a field selectable 12 or 24 volt DC output. The required output voltage is accurately regulated to fraction of a volt, even when operating under maximum load conditions. Output current is safely sustained, in both the 2 and 4 amp power supplies, while continuously operating under heavy loads. The extra-large capacity heat sink assures a long operating life in the most strenuous environments.

    Totally Protected Circuitry
    Both,110 VAC input and DC output is fused to protect the system against over loads and shorts and the switching regulator prevents excessive current draw. The battery charging circuit and the fire alarm input are thermally protected.

    Automatic Battery Charger
    The power back-up batteries (optional - see below ) are automatically charged according to the selected DC output voltage to provide immediate 12 or 24 VDC output upon loss of AC power. The adjustable trickle-charge output will maintain the number of batteries required for emergency back-up.

    Fail-Safe Fire Alarm Input
    Innovative design assures DC output cutoff by detecting ground fault is wiring to the fire panel; unlike other power supplies that may fail to release the FAR if any wiring insulation is scraped in the connection to the fire panel. LED Status Indicators ON-board LEDs provide visual indication of power supply operating conditions. A green LED is illuminated when AC power is present. The red LED is lit to indicate DC power at the output providing a quick determination of fire alarm input status. When the amber LED is lighted a low battery condition exits

    Auxiliary Alarm Outputs
    Alarm relay outputs are available to indicate loss of AC power and a low battery condition. The slave output from the fire alarm relay can be used to monitor the fire alarm input or to connect an endless number of power supplies to a single output on the building fire panel. For more relays see the optional 4 DPDT relay board below. This board can be used for turning on lights or alarms.

    Remote Reset & Power Supply Status An enclosure mounted fire alarm reset button and auxiliary status LEDs are also available.

    Quick Easy Installation
    Installation is fast, from mounting the enclosure to the connection of wiring.. No need to add additional relays for alarm monitoring or the fire alarm interface.

    The 110 VAC tie-in is quickly connected to the UL listed terminal strip with built in fuse. Separate termination points are provided for connection of battery backup and the main DC fused output.

    Plug -on terminals speed wiring for alarm connections and to batteries used for back-up power. Large tri-barrier terminal blocks shield board components near the low voltage input and output connections.

    Physical size Board only - 3" wide x 6" long x 2-3/8" high (including heat sink). Mounting- Standard 3" Snap-Track or attachment with stand-offs. Enclosure: - 12" wide x16" high x 4 " deep with lockable hinged cover.

    AC Input - Fused 110 VAC to step-down transformer. #4202 - 2 amp Output @ 12 or 24 VDC (28 volt - 2.8 amp transformer #4202 - 4 map Output @ 12 or 24 VDC (28 volt - 2.8 amp transformer) DC Voltage Range - Field Adjustable from .7 volts below to 5.0 volts above jumper selected DC output. DC Regulation - Accurately regulated to within 0.2% of voltage setting. DC Filter - Ripple almost nil, measuring only .002 @ 24 volts DC. Battery Charging - Adjustable trickle charge (factory set @ 300 mA for 12 volt battery back-up).

    For the 8 output: .5 amps x 8 @ 24vdc - or .5 amps x 6 @ 12vdc - both values are usually adequate for most magnetic locks or electric strikes.

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