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Electronic Locking Devices By John Schum

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This is the newest edition 2006 version - full of up to date valuable info.

In non-technical terms, this book covers the appropriate selection and installation of every system component currently available, along with trouble-shooting techniques. It is a handbook for installers, and a product reference and system design guide for manufacturers' reps and end user's. It's a special book that was created just for the security industry. 187 pages.

Electronic Locking Devices is an excellent presentation of the devices available today. Schum presents the basic components of electronic locking systems in easy-to-understand concepts and does not dwell excessively on advanced technical ideas.

The text is easy to read, the writing is interesting, and the presentation effective. This book provides a comprehensive look at electronic locks and should appeal to a wide range of readers.

Electronic Locking Devices is devoted to the design of electronic locks and locking systems. The progression of information is logical and thorough, and figures and diagrams are clear and concise.

Schum opens with background on locks in general, furnishing an excellent lead-in for the remainder of the book. His explanations of electric circuits provide detailed information on electrical systems and will help most security personnel understand basic circuitry.

The book details numerous electromagnetic and mechanical locks and electric strikes and explains their operating characteristics. Other topics covered include the operation of transformers, relays, and door-monitoring devices as they relate to electronic locks.

The steps in building complete electronic door-locking systems are also included, along with diagrams that show the function and operation of system components. The diagrams are particularly useful to the novice working with electronic locks. They also do a good job of summing up the information provided earlier in the book.

The chapter on troubleshooting Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving. It is the systematic search for the source of a problem so that it can be solved. Troubleshooting is often a process of elimination - eliminating potential causes of a problem. is devoted mostly to using a volt/ohm multimeterAn instrument for measuring electricity (volts, amps, ohms) that is widely used and available in numerous shapes and sizes. An analog multimeter displays results by moving a pointer across a printed scale.

Schum's goal was to provide a reference to help security professionals solve problems, and he has achieved it. The information in Electronic Locking Devices is presented in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand format. The appendixes are useful and practical guides to electronic locks. They also include further information on the subject and related topics such as building and electrical codes An electrical code is a set of regulations for electrical wiring. The intention of an electrical code is to provide standards to ensure electrical wiring systems that are safe and unlikely to produce either electrocution or fires. .

Security professionals responsible for locking and securing doors will find this book both informative and helpful. Electronic Locking Devices is a valuable reference, and no security professional's library is complete without it.

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